The Impossible Quiz

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What is The Impossible Quiz



The Impossible Quiz is an online trivia game with only really difficult questions. Many of the questions demand you to think outside the box and feature double meanings, twists, and puns. Only one of the four possible replies is correct. There are 110 questions in all. You only have three lives, and every mistake you make will cost you one.

This original game can be played on any device without the use of Flash. Have you completed all 110 questions? Play the second installment of The Impossible Quiz.

What is The Impossible Quiz and how can I play it?

Choose the correct answer from the four choices. You can use Skips to bypass specific questions in the game. Keep an eye out for Bombs, which have a timed that must be answered before the timer runs out otherwise the game is over.

What are the appropriate responses to the questions?

Warning: this article contains spoilers. The following are the responses to the first ten questions


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