Happy Snakes

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What is Happy Snakes



Happy Snakes is an exciting running game. Your mission is to control a fun snake, defeat other snakes to collect glowing dots, and dominate the battlefield.

All of the snakes moving around had a happy appearance on their faces. As a result, it produces a very comfortable place to help you relax after work hours. Before you begin the game, you can customize your character's skins and modes.

The controls are simple: move your mouse to where you want to go. The objective is to consume as much food as possible while avoiding colliding with other players. Some players will purposefully cause collisions to kill you and collect your energy. You can, however, trap them by anticipating their next move and encircling them so they can't get away.

Features of Happy Snakes

  • Relaxing and happy atmosphere
  • Various game modes and character's skins
  • Great graphics and art animation

How to control

  • Use mouse to control
  • Press and hold left mouse to speed up

Release Date: Nov 15 2018


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