Moto X3M 3

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What is Moto X3M 3



Moto X3M 3 has over 20 thrilling levels packed with stunts, obstacles, and fast speeds. Enter a bizarre universe of falling and exploding objects that will propel you to the level's conclusion. Have fun with the Moto X3M 2 sequel! Accelerate and decelerate with the up and down arrow keys, and tilt with the left and right keys.

To leap over the obstacles and dodge the deadly circular saws, try to angle your bike appropriately. When jumping off the ramps, try to do some cool back or front flips to win bonus points. Each level has unique obstacles, scenery, and a plethora of fantastic tracks, leaps, and even loops.. Can you complete every level and prove your skill as a Moto X3M champion?


MadPuffers, one of the most popular flash game production teams in recent years, created the Moto X3M 3.


To ride your bike, use the arrow keys. Keep your balance, because if you crash, you'll have to restart from the most recent checkpoint! To gain time, perform flips and other tricks.


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