Drift Boss

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What is Drift Boss



Drift boss is a drifting game in which you control your character by pushing a button. Drive your car around tight turns and over bumps until you lose control and tumble off the platform. Continue to play to win awards and unlock new cars!

What to do and how to play

Drift Boss is a straightforward and straightforward game. All you have to do to operate the car is click to go right and release the button to go left.

Staying anchored, on the other hand, requires a sense of timing and foresight. When turning bends, there will be difficult locations to compensate for, such as crashes. Some platforms are also thinner, necessitating greater precision when turning.


The longer you play Drift Boss, the simpler it becomes to stay on the platform and avoid going off. The game rewards you for your accomplishments in a variety of ways.

Daily incentives - new daily rewards are added every day.

Spin to win - Spins to win are unpredictably occurring bonuses that can occur at any point during the game.

These incentives are boosters or coins that can be exchanged for anything from boosters to better-handling cars. Boosts are bonuses that are given out at the start of each game to assist you to improve your performance. Double scores, car insurance, and coins, which are only available for one run, are among them.


  • With one-button control, it's simple to play
  • Vehicles that can be unlocked and have their handling improved
  • Progress is rewarded daily


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