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What is Paper.io



Paper.io is an addictive arcade game in which you have to conquer as much territory as possible by slithering or stealing to expand your territory.

In this game, you need to conquer as much territory as possible. The game rules are very simple. You slide and circle that territory to make it your territory. You can also zone other people's regions to steal and make it yours. However, you must be careful. When you zone, the opponent touches your tail then you will die. Keep your tail away from your opponents. Finally, do not hit the walls.

You can unlock various character's skins by completing game missions and choose your favorite game mode. Try to own an enormous territory. Nothing is certain if you do not own the entire region.

Features of Paper.io

  • Addictive and easy gameplay
  • Unlock feature skins
  • Colorful graphics and cool art animation

How to play

Use the arrow keys to move the box.


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