Bike Simulator 2

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What is Bike Simulator 2



Bike Simulator 2 is an exciting racing game in which you have to compete against opponents to reach the finish line first while avoiding other vehicles.

Racing is a familiar game for many players. In this game, you can experience an intense speed racing game. The race takes place on a highway filled with other traffic. Your mission is to run safely and overcome obstacles. Besides, you also have to compete with computer-controlled opponents. Cross the finish line first to win.

In this game, you will receive a motorbike with a maximum speed of 200km/h. You can experience the feeling of racing with such incredible speed. That is not possible in real life. However, you must be very careful when other traffic is approaching. Start and enjoy this game to show your driving skill!

Features of Bike Simulator 2

  • Racing game
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Motorbike

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How to control: Use Arrow Keys to control


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