Supra Drift 3D

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What is Supra Drift 3D


Supra Drift 3D is a fantastic opportunity to drive the legendary Toyota Supra. Not only because of the fascinating car movies but also because of the vehicle's excellent performance.
You can start by choosing a color, then add a cool body kit, and finally adjust it! This monster is capable of both racing and drifting. You'll have the opportunity to burn some rubber wherever you wish in a realistic city environment. There will be no bothersome traffic or the possibility of running out of gas.


Moto x3m It is also a highly rated game - bringing a new, attractive feeling to relieve and smash all your stress and negativity.

How to play

W/Up arrow - Accelerate
S/Down arrow - Brake
A/Left arrow - Turn left
D/Right arrow - Turn right
Space - eBrake
G - Toggle slow-motion
L - Turn on lights
Q/E/Z = Indicators/blinkers
R - Record gameplay
P - Play recorded gameplay


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