Pocket League 3D

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What is Pocket League 3D



Are you ready for a special soccer match in Pocket League 3D? Drive your car to hit the ball into your opponent's goalpost and score more points.

Choose your game mode, car, and flag

Like 2 Player Games, this game also allows you to invite your friends to play this game with you. You can choose between the 1-Player and 2-Player modes. In addition, you need to select your favorite car from the car collection. There are a total of 12 cars with different colors in the game. One important thing is that all cars are free. Finally, you must choose between the flags of different countries. Note that you will represent the country that you will choose.

Join an exciting soccer match

The reason that makes the soccer match in this game special is its gameplay. In this game, you must drive your car to go around instead of running. As soon as the giant ball appears at the center of the soccer field, you must increase your speed to hit the ball. Try to make the ball roll into your rival's goalpost to earn one point. In addition, you also need to defend your goalpost when your rival approaches it. Do not let your enemy score any points. Note that the allotted time of the soccer match in this game is 90 seconds. When the time is over, the one with a higher score will become the winner. The one with the lower score will become the loser.

How to control


Press the arrow keys to move.

Press an L key to jump.

Press an L key two times to flip.


Press the WASD keys to move.

Press a G key to jump.

Press a G key two times to flip.


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