Farming Simulator 22

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What is Farming Simulator 22



Farming Simulator 22 is a famous farm game. The game gives you mechanical equipment to control the farm. Realistic simulation interface

Play Farming Simulator 22 PC to transform into a modern, creative farmer in his quest to build a farm in 3 different environments in the US and Europe. Experience a series of farming activities with the theme of agriculture, animal husbandry and forestry spanning 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Outstanding features of Farming Simulator 2022 game

  • Explore tons of new maps, crops, machines, brands and more.
  • Master more than 400 types of genuine farm machinery and tools.
  • More than 100 brands of agricultural machinery and equipment in real life.
  • Farming throughout the 4 seasons of the year and managing the complete production chain.
  • Multiplayer mode allows cooperative farming on 1 piece of land, together to harvest, produce and share achievements.
  • ModHub offers a wide range of free content created and shared by the community of players


  • use the keyboard arrow button


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