The Bowling Club

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What is The Bowling Club


The Bowling Club is the ideal bowling game for all bowling enthusiasts. Select your opponent and begin the game! Throw the ball well and you'll get a lot of strikes! Don't worry if you get the gutter on your first throw; you can use the special item to throw it again. You have a lot of chances to get a strike or a spare! The final ten frames are like bonus time because you can throw again if you get a strike or a spare. Aim for a maximum score of 300 by controlling the ball well!

It is very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is frick the ball with your finger. You can also throw the curving ball by flicking it in a half circle motion. Flick the ball up nicely if you want to throw it straight. Find a good strike location! There are ten frames in one game.

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