Super MX

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What is Super MX



Prepare yourself for the biggest motorbike race ever in Super MX The Champion! Nothing will be able to stop you after a long day of digging on a large prepared field full of towering ramps! Stop on the colorful platform whenever you're ready to begin the race. The golden cup is yours with a little work and a clever approach! Start the game by crossing your fingers!

Imagine you've been preparing for the most important race of your life for months, and it's about to begin. Giving yourself a little time in the spadework as a warm-up for the race and getting to know the field is what you should do to come first. Stand on the green or yellow lit platforms and hit the space button when you're ready to begin.You can stay on the preparation field and drive deliberately if you don't want to race. At the left bottom of the screen, you'll also notice a small option button labeled "alter the map." There are two map options available to you. The first is an open area with no barriers where you can drive on the high ramps.The second is an outdoor racing stage with a large number of spectators and a racing path that has been ceded to barriers. Let's get this game started if you've chosen your field and are ready to race!


  • Motorcycle racing in two dimensions
  • Graphics in vibrant colors
  • Several maps
  • The game is entertaining and addictive

Constraints (Xbox controller supported)

To drive, use the WASD or arrow keys.

To respawn, press the space bar.


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