Stunt Mania 3D

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What is Stunt Mania 3D



Stunt Mania 3D is an enormous stunt game in which you control a female stunt racer on a motorcycle! You can choose between two game modes: simulation and trick mode. In simulation mode, you can simply explore the large 3D metropolis and try out various techniques. You can also play race mode, in which you must strive to travel as far and as rapidly as possible through congested streets.The graphics in this game are fantastic, and the motorcycle controls are intuitive and realistic. With your stunt bike, you can do some incredible jumps, flips, and even wheelies - get creative and show off your driving abilities today!


  • A female cyclist is featured in this 3D bike simulator game.
  • Two game modes are available: free stunts in a big city and racing in a Road Rash style.
  • Three bike models are available.
  • Physics that are fun to ride


  • To ride 2, use the WASD or arrow keys to accelerate faster.
  • Toggle reverse by pressing C.
  • P stands for pause.


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