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What is Splix.io



Splix.io is a fun arcade game. You have to control your snake to surround as many blocks as possible to create your land while avoiding enemies.

Come to the war of snakes! In this game, you transform into a snake working hard to expand your area. You must surround a group of blocks and return to your own land to color the blocks. However, be careful. You will die if anyone touches you while you have not returned to your land.In contrast, they will die if you touch the opponents before they return to their land. Don't touch the walls. Touch them when you die.

You will automatically match with other players in normal mode, while you can invite your friends or relatives to create a team and play in team mode.

Features of Splix.io

  • Easy and addictive gameplay
  • Multiplayer game

How to control

Use WASD or Arrow Keys to control


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