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What is Snowball.io



Snowball.io is a good and attractive arena IO game full of competition. Create giant snowballs and throw them at opponents around you. The best and most addictive game ever,

Your goal is to make the ball bigger and collide with your opponent to knock them out of the playing field. Try to accumulate large snowballs and defeat those around you but still have to avoid the damage caused by causing the ice to sink. The last survivor is the winner

The ice will disappear as the level increases. Try to avoid them. The size of the snowballs is yours and you can make large balls or small ones. You use them to sneak up on opponents or snipe them.

Passing the matches you will receive XP and unlock more new and beautiful skins

How to control: swipe in the direction you want to move and lift your finger to shoot the snowball.


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