Police Endless Car

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What is Police Endless Car



Police Endless Car is a racing game where you can drive many kinds of cars. You need to run away from the police and collect as many coins as you can.

Welcome to the world of speed, Police Endless Car will bring an interesting race with the police car. You are a professional driver who has to escape from the police car. The police car is always behind your car, so you can’t stop. However, there are thousands of obstacles on your way. You need to drive cleverly to get away from them. Moreover, you need to collect all the coins on your way to change the other cars. Each car has its own features. Besides, the coins can be used to power up your car’s engine. When you can’t avoid the obstacles, you can press the upper arrow key to jump over them. Beware the bends which can cause dangerous collisions.

Come to Police Endless Car, it will not let you down. Try your best to get as many coins as you can. Good luck!

Features of Police Endless Car

  • The endless road for you to drive
  • Collecting coins to change the car and upgrade your engine
  • Avoid the obstacles on the roads

How to control

Use arrow keys to move and jump over the obstacles


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