Police Chase Motorbike Driver

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What is Police Chase Motorbike Driver



Police Chase Motorbike Driver is an amazing 3D driving game in which you have to complete all assigned missions and collect as much money as possible.

Do you want to become a police officer? Play Police Chase Motorbike Driver now and this game will make your dream come true. In this game, you assume the role of a policeman who maintains the safety of the city.

Move around the city to receive various missions and complete them in a certain time. You can drive a bike to go faster and chase criminals' vehicles. Don’t forget to refuel your bike when it runs out of fuel. Aim accurately and shoot down all criminals you find on the road. Always pay attention to the health bar. If you are exhausted, you will die. Eat hamburgers to recover your health. Remember to collect as much money as possible to purchase new vehicles in the garage.

Features of Police Chase Motorbike Driver

  • Various missions to complete
  • A variety of cool vehicles to select
  • Realistic 3D graphics and vibrant sound effects

How to play

  • Press WASD keys to move
  • Press an R key to respawn
  • Press an F key to get on a bike
  • Press SPACE BAR to jump
  • Press a C key to sit down
  • Right-click for aiming
  • Left-click for shooting


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