Police Car Cop Real Simulator

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What is Police Car Cop Real Simulator



Cop in a Police Car Real Simulator is a challenging action game in which you have to complete all the missions within a given amount of time.

Cop in a Police Car Real Simulator is a challenging action game in which you must accomplish all tasks in a certain amount of time. You get access to a police vehicle as well as a variety of weaponry. This game, as the name implies, resembles a police cruiser and combines elements of shooting, action, and driving into a single game. You will be provided with a firearm as well as a police vehicle in this game. Let's put them to good use and keep our tasks on track! To advance to the next level, you must accomplish all of the tasks in the time allotted. Keep in mind that each level has its own set of goals, which you must concentrate on in order to accomplish them as quickly as possible. Additionally, the energy in your automobile may be reduced, so keep this in mind while driving. You may utilize the little map on the top-right screen to assist you to navigate while driving.

You may also customize the look of your car to fit your preferences. You may also choose from a number of different weapons in this game.

Features of Police Car Cop Real Simulator

  • Intuitive system
  • Variety of realistic roads
  • Various weapons, missions and levels

How to control

  • W - Accelerate
  • S - Backward
  • A - Steer Left
  • D - Steer Right
  • C - Change Camera
  • R - Reset Car
  • Space - Jump
  • L - Shift - Sprint / Nitro
  • M - Map
  • F - Car Enter/Exit
  • I - Instructions
  • P/Esc - Pause
  • H - Police Siren
  • Q - Roll
  • E - Inventory
  • Z - Missions


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