Police Car Chase

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What is Police Car Chase



Police Car Chase is an addictive arcade game where you will have to outrun the police, collect as many coins as you can before you get caught by the police.

As you shred the rear tire in a desperate attempt to gather money as quickly as possible before the police demolish your automobile, this challenging fast-paced racer is sure to have your heart pounding. The purpose of the game is simple: collect green coins scattered over the open globe while avoiding rocks and police!

As you can expect, when it comes to cash piles, the bigger the better, so make sure you focus on capturing the largest sums feasible. If the cops are in charge of your vehicle, look for floating repair boosters to bring it back to normal. To ensure optimal longevity, keep an eye out for your health meter in the upper left corner.

Return to the menu once you've collected some cash, and you'll be able to unlock a selection of vehicles with varied perks. Some are quicker than others, while others have superior handling, and if you chose 44, you can be sure that you will be able to cause more harm to the cops than they can to you!

Now go out and outrun the cops for as long as you can. Also, attempt to fool them into colliding with one another instead of erupting into fireballs!

How to play

  • A/Left arrow - Turn left
  • D/Right arrow - Turn right


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