Pixel Crash 3D

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What is Pixel Crash 3D



Pixel Crash 3D is a game that gives you the real feeling of driving a car with funny bumps. Show off your top driving skills in this exciting game

Get in your car and unleash loose in Pixel Crash 3D! Pixels abound, and you're encouraged to immerse yourself completely in this universe of colorful digital squares. The life of a bandit is brought together here, as are the colors of the city. But are you ready for such a journey?

This is a car game with pixel visuals and a range of settings to pick from. Choose a vehicle first. Your car's color scheme can be changed at any time. However, you must earn more money in order to unlock new drivers and enhance your skills in the game. After that, you may choose to play in racing, destruction, or city mode. Try to outpace your opponents and win the race in the first mode. You must be careful not to crash your car in this mode. In the demolition mode, though, you will get points by ramming into other vehicles. Finally, in city mode, you have complete freedom to drive. Let's see whether you're made of this material and capable of playing this pixelated bandit car game!

Features in Pixel Crash 3D:

  • Graphics in 3D pixel art
  • Unlockable skins and talents that can be upgraded
  • Skillful driving controls are required.
  • Several levels

How to play Pixel Crash 3D:

  • Arrow keys OR WASD


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