Motor Rush

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What is Motor Rush



Motor Rush is a fun game in which you try to keep the streets quiet. The game will be over if you attack with a barrier or an obstacle. Let's fight hard

Prepare for a race unlike any other in Motor Rush! You'll not only race this time, but you'll also shoot your opponents and do your hardest to beat them! Put on your helmet and get inside your vehicle if you're ready to defeat your opponents! Best of luck!

Forget about all the races you've already completed! This is going to be the craziest of them all! If you believe you're a natural cyclist, this is the race for you! If you're ready, press the play button to begin the game. To play this game, all you need is a mouse and no prior experience riding a motorcycle. At each level, your goal is to get ahead of your opponents. You will get coins if you are the first to cross the finish line. There will be five races in all. You'll be assigned duties at each one, such as killing 60 foes. But don't forget about the stumbling blocks! You need avoid hitting them and gather the power-ups along the way. You'll also come across various firearms that you may grab and use to take down your foes. They have the ability to attack you as well! So, if you don't assault them first, you won't be the first to cross the finish line. At the top of the screen, you may track the race's progress. Are you prepared to defeat all of them and win all of the races?

Features in Motor Rush

  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Multiple races to complete
  • Exciting gameplay
  • Power-ups to collect

How to play Motor Rush

  • Avoid being attacked by your opponent and strike him before he strikes you.


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