MotoCross Hero

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What is MotoCross Hero



MotoCross Hero is an exciting moto racing game in which you have to compete with other players to run as far as possible and get the best score.

Welcome to the game of moto racing! In this game, you will have an opportunity to experience thrilling and interesting moto races.

Your mission is to control your motorbike to overcome all obstacles and avoid colliding with other players. You have to try to get the highest score by using "D" or the right arrow key to accelerate, and "A" or left arrow key to brake. Besides that, you have 3 times to revive. Appreciate them!

This game has superb graphics with impressive landscapes, great effects,  and great sound. All these features will create masterful experiences for you. Let's start MotoCross Hero to enjoy fascinating races!

Features of MotoCross Hero

  • Superb moto racing simulation game
  • Cool graphics with impressive landscapes, great effects,  and great sound
  • 3 times to revive

How to control

  • Accelerate: D or right arrow key
  • Brake: A or left arrow key
  • Switch lanes: W/S or up/down arrow key


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