Moto Trial Racing

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What is Moto Trial Racing



Moto Trial Racing is a 3D racing game in which you compete against other drivers to see who can cross the finish line first. This oddball game is addictive, and you'll find yourself racing to beat anyone who dares to confront you on the track again and again. You can race against the computer or with a friend for even more excitement.

There are no restrictions in this racing game, and anything goes. Cut up your opponents and even kick them as you drive by because you need to win at any costs. There are ten different tracks to race on, so make sure you finish first in each one. Have a blast!


  • Cartoonish visuals in this 3D bike racing game.
  • Head racers with a larger size
  • You have the ability to kick other players.
  • There are ten levels to complete.
  • New racers that can be purchased

Single player controls

  • Ride with the arrow keys.
  • To use nitro, use the space bar.
  • H will be kicked to respawn by NM.
  • Controls are shared by two players.
  • To ride, player 1 should use the SFED and player 2 should use the arrow keys.
  • To utilize nitro, use the shift key on your keyboard and the space bar on your keyboard.
  • Player 1 kicks with WR, whereas player 2 kicks with NM.
  • To respawn, use C for player 1 and H for player 2.


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