Moto Quest

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What is Moto Quest



Moto Quest is an attractive racing game in which you have to defeat opponents and be a winner by reaching the finish line as soon as possible.

Do you enjoy motocross, racing, and old video games? Then this game is tailor-made for you. It's a fun racing game similar to drag racing where you compete against multiple opponents, improve and repair your motorcycle, and unlock and purchase new motorcycles.

You compete in one-on-one duel races. To advance to the next opponent and unlock different motorcycles, you must first win the race. Isn't this relatively straightforward? Okay, but do you have what it takes to rise to the occasion?

Be the king of Moto quest racing by defeating all bike racing teams in exciting races.

Features of Moto Quest

  • Solo 1 vs 1
  • Retro style
  • Upgrade vehicles

How to control: Mouse Click


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