Impossible Moto Stunts

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What is Impossible Moto Stunts



Impossible Moto Stunts is a fantastic third-person driving game where you may hop on your bike and put your stunt talents to the test! As you drive around the map, you must accomplish a variety of tricks and collect the golden cups. You have a set amount of time to complete this task; can you beat the clock?

The difficulties are severe, and the cups aren't in convenient places. To get there, you'll have to truly show off your driving talents! Remember to use your nitro speed boost to help you overcome the time constraints and make it to the cups on time! How do you think you'll fare? Will you succeed in becoming a legendary stunt driver, or will you fail miserably?


  • There are four different bikes to choose from, including a police bike with lights.
  • With each level, the difficulty grows, and you must collect more cups in a shorter amount of time.
  • You must navigate through a large desert landscape with numerous ramps.
  • You can get a boost of nitro to help you ride faster.


  • WASD or arrow keys to ride
  • 1234 to change bike model
  • Shift to use nitro
  • Space bar to use handbrake
  • R to restart level


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