Ghost Rider

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What is Ghost Rider


Ghost Rider brings the high-speed demonic action of the hit character. You'll play Johnny Blaze, a circus stunt rider who makes a bargain with the Devil, based on the movie. He offers to be a demonic agent and seek down evil souls to bring to Hell in order to save his soul. With a seamless blend of hand-to-hand bat and high-speed motorbike action, Ghost Rider will immerse players in an immersive supernatural third person universe with a seamless blend of characters and motorcycles from the comic book and film. For use with your Game Boy Advance, this product has the following features: Ghost Rider is a brand-new third-person action video game based on the popular Marvel superhero. Capability for 1-2 players Genre of Game

How to play:

The arrow keys are used to move the cyclist. Keep an eye out for hazards and don't go so rapidly that the motorcycle overturns. We've also tested the game for you and can explain it to you. You'll compete in a race around the world with the best motorcycles and laps to see who is the best rider.


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