Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

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What is Gangster Hero Grand Simulator



Gangster Hero Grand Simulator is an attractive shooting action game. You can experience the life of a crime gangster who must complete missions in the city.

In this game, you will have an opportunity to participate in a gangster crime simulator. You are a gangster, and all of New York City are scared of you. By participating in this game, you can join car, truck, or motorbike races and shooting battles. Let's purchase a wide range of guns and use bullets and explosives to inflict damage on your opponents. Use the minimap to spot your opponents as they approach you and become the last surviving person.

To meet the design demand, this game allows you to design your character in your own way and select your favorite weapons. Let's create your unique character and join this game!

Features of Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

  • Gangster crime life in the city
  • Various vehicles, such as trucks, tanks, sports cars, and other autos
  • Select character and costume
  • Realistic sounds and cool graphics

How to control

  • W - Accelerate
  • S - Backward
  • A - Steer Left
  • D - Steer Right
  • C -Change Camera
  • R - Reset Car
  • Space - Jump
  • L - Shift - Sprint / Nitro
  • M - Map
  • F - Car Enter/Exit
  • I - Instructions
  • P/Esc - Pause
  • H - Horn
  • Q - Roll
  • E - Inventory
  • Z - Radio


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