Furious Racing 3D

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What is Furious Racing 3D



Furious Racing 3D is an exciting automobile chase game that will offer you a surge of adrenaline. In this game, you must drive as quickly as possible while avoiding being apprehended by the cops.

You have the option of choosing between two stages: Japan and Snow. One-way traffic, two-way traffic, time attack, and free riding are the four modes available. Drive as quickly as you can through congested areas while avoiding all vehicles that will obstruct your path, otherwise the game will be finished. You can improve your ride by utilizing the diamonds you've earned during the game. Obtain a large number of diamonds in order to purchase better and cooler automobiles!

In order to reach the finish line, you can either travel through the streets of Japan or through the icy alps.

You'll quickly discover that the hectic city traffic is no match for your amazingly fast race car, and you'll find it difficult to maneuver through the congested areas.

Not only will you have to deal with the traffic, but the cops will also be on your heels after catching you speeding, so you'll have to evade them as well!


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