Free Rally 2

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What is Free Rally 2


Free Rally 2 is the sequel to Free Rally, a high-action 3D driving game. This multiplayer game lets you control automobiles in a multiplayer environment, allowing you to go about the city and do whatever you like.

There are nine different vehicles to pick from, including a buggy, a helicopter, a police car, a sedan, and a supercar, among others. If you choose the police car, you can utilize the capture feature to begin pursuits of other vehicles and pull them over as if you were a police officer.

Cool effects
A unique feature on each vehicle
WASD, arrows to drive
space to use the handbrake
mouse to lock cursor
f, right mouse to fire on helicopter, buggy and Sofy
v to seek rocket on helicopter, buggy and Sofy
e to enable/disable police alert on moto police
f to stop car on moto police
shift to use nitro on moto
r to signal
g to let the vehicle go up
l to use the light on the car
l to start/stop engine on the helicopter
c to change camera view
esc to return to the menu


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