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What is DashCraft.io



DashCraft.io is an exceptionally appealing racing game in which you may design your own racing circuits and compete against other players.


The main mode of the game is racing. You are allowed to race on public courses that have been designed by others. You can check who has the highest score on that course by looking at the scoreboard. There are also validated tracks, which are high-quality tunes that have been manually confirmed by the creators. Don't worry if you hit something or stray off the path; the checkpoints are there to help! Use the restart button to respawn at the last checkpoint. If you press and hold, you may restart the race from the beginning.


Using the in-game editor, you may create new songs. Tracks are built up from segments. Among the various portions are straight track pieces, curbs, climbs, loops, platforms, inclined platforms, curves, and so on. Some of the track elements include speed boosters, ramps, pylons, and checkpoints, among other things. There are also other decorations, such as spectator booths and arrow displays. When you've completed building your track, you may make it public so that other people can race on it. Keep in mind, though, that you must complete it before making it public. Make sure to go through the in-game tutorials as well, since they will help you grasp how to use the editor better.


If you want to learn and practice the controls, the driving mode is great. It has a large scenario that includes loops, ramps, and boosters, as well as other track segments. There are no timers or objectives, so you may drive as much as you like.


In the garage, you may change the car you're driving in the drive/race modes. Each vehicle comes with three different skins. Currently, all of the cars and skins are unlocked. Once a progress system is in place, you'll have to unlock them.

How to play DashCraft.io

  • Accelerate by using W / up arrow key
  • A / left arrow key = left arrow key
  • Move right with the D / right arrow key
  • Brake = S / down arrow keys


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