Crazy Moto Stunts

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What is Crazy Moto Stunts



Crazy Moto Stunts is an action-packed motorcycle riding game in which you get to ride a super-fast motorcycle on the highways while performing insane stunts and tricks.

To continue your run, perform freestyle stuns on these insane courses and land them in flair. There are four different bikes to push to their limits, fly through the air, and do as many extreme tricks as possible.

Show off your talent and bike handling talents by flipping through the air and landing the bike on both wheels on a large terrain with plenty of amazing ramps to take use of.


  • A large terrain with a lot of ramps.
  • There are four bike models available, including a police bike with a siren.
  • Smooth effects and nice 3D graphics

How to play

  • To change the bike, use WASD or arrows to ride 1, 2, 3, and 4.
  • Handbrake (space bar)
  • Shift: the bike is being shifted.
  • R: reload the game
  • G: reload the bike
  • Police siren (E)


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