Clicker Heroes

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What is Clicker Heroes



Clicker Heroes-An original idle clicker. Clicker Heroes is one of the greatest clicker games in the world. It takes you on an exciting journey in which you have to destroy demons, upgrade heroes to the gold you earn, discover gems, and kill bosses.

This game was one of the games that began the entire clicker genre and the classic Cookie Clicker.

To begin with, players must set out on their quest to become a brave and ferocious warriors. The player needs to fight with various creatures and beasts. To beat a demon, a simple sequence of clicks is required-each click is a single DPS attack.

Hire many heroes to help you play and fight. Per hero has a different level of damage and a collection of upgrades. Upgrades are incremental, and each time they get more costly. Players can improve their simple clicking attack and attack their heroes by continuing to gain gold even though the player is idle.

Work through various phases and continents. Every area has new and thrilling monsters to conquer. E.g., start at the forest and advance to the dryland. At the end of each area, there's a tough boss fight-the boss has extra health and needs all the strength to win!

The available upgrades and heroes are fascinating and varied. Start with Cid, a helpful explorer who boosts your primary attack damage. Next, we've got the fantastic tree beast-this monster assists with significant damage to the idle attacks. If players advance, heroes get more costly, but they can deal more damage as a result.

Brittany the Princess, for example, costs 1,000 coins to recruit, but her simple attack without upgrades does 74 damages per second. Remember that any hero has a range of abilities and upgrades. These skills are expensive, but they dramatically increase the efficacy of your characters.

The Tree beast, for example, has a fertilizer upgrade-it costs 500 coins but increases its damage by 100 percent. Choose items wisely which improvements you're buying. Players must have a careful balance of buying upgrades and hiring new heroes. Don't hesitate to use your press attack to kill those monsters faster!

How to play

  • Left-click to interact with menu items
  • Left-click to fight


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