Bike Hero 3D

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What is Bike Hero 3D



Bike Hero 3D is a fantastic simulation game in which you must hop on your motorcycle and attempt to perform some incredible stunts and tricks. The graphics are impressive, and there are a variety of difficult courses to complete - each course features a number of obstacles that you can jump over and do acrobatics on.

You must reach the checkpoints within the time limit for each level. An arrow indicator can be seen to help you navigate your way. You may employ an incredible nitro boost and the controls are basic and easy to learn. Can you become a professional bike racer and demonstrate your skills?


  • 10 difficult courses with various obstacles in this 3D bike simulator game.
  • Each level has a timer and beautiful metropolitan scenery.
  • The checkpoints are marked with an arrow to assist you in finding them.


  • To ride, use the WASD or arrow keys.
  • Shift to nitro mode.
  • To use the handbrake, press the space bar.


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