Among Us

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What is Among Us



Among Us is a massively multiplayer video game that debuted in 2018, but exploded in popularity in 2020. Among Us is one of the most popular games today, focusing on a group of "The Companions" attempting to complete a goal while a "Impostor" tries to assassinate them.

Play with 4-15 people online or over local WiFi as you attempt to ready your spaceship for departure, but beware: one will turn out to be an impostor trying to kill everyone! Members of the crew can win by completing all assignments or spotting and voting for an impostor to leave the ship.

Sabotage can be used by impostors to create havoc, making it simpler to murder and work more efficiently.

PC control

  • Arrows or WASD - Move
  • E or Space - Use
  • Q - Kill
  • R - Report content
  • Mouse - Minigames and menu interactions
  • Alt + Enter - Toggle full screen mode


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