4WD Race Legend

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What is 4WD Race Legend



4WD Race Legend is an intriguing car racing game in which you have to control your car to compete with other players and reach the finish line first to win.

In this game, your vehicle will automatically run and your mission is to hold to accelerate to speed up and overcome other players. However, your energy source can run out and needs time to get back. Besides that, you also balance your car when facing corners by clicking the Balance button on the screen. There are various tracks for you to race. Each track requires you to complete some laps. After finishing a lap, you can receive a bonus to get the advantage.

Try to reach the finish line first to gain victory.

Some bonuses in 4WD Race Legend

  • Turbo to improve boost
  • Rocket to refill energy now
  • Dash to enter invincibility
  • Rims to improve turning force
  • Nitro to improve energy limit

Features of 4WD Race Legend

  • The interesting racing
  • Multiplayer
  • Various tracks with the same laps to explore

How to control

Click on the control button on the screen


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