18 Wheeler Driving Sim

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What is 18 Wheeler Driving Sim



18 Wheeler Driving Sim is a driving game in which you will drive an 18-wheel truck. Your mission is to transport cargo over many challenging terrains.

Experience the game online on our website. The game will turn you into a truck driver and experience the life of a driver. You will be driving one of the biggest trucks. You are hired by businesses all over the world to get their goods on time!

Of course, you need to reach your destination without dropping or losing things along the way. On the way, there will be no enemies to stand in your way but certainly, the terrain is not easy at all! You have to use your amazing driving skills to keep your balance and find your way to the finish line.

Use arrows to navigate and the spacebar to brake. When you advance your level, you will sometimes be asked to get new trailers and new trucks, as you cannot complete some levels without the upgraded vehicle. Always remember that towing larger trailers can get more money. Buy new trucks to be able to drive on more difficult roads. Are you ready to become a truck driver?

Developer: Vitalitygames


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