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What is iScribble.io



iScribble.io is an enjoyable way to reduce stress and relax thanks to its gameplay. You can be free to draw while competing with other players to survive.

This game is a new game with a running and multiplayer theme. By participating in this game, you can enjoy moments of great relaxation as well as participate in intense competitive matches with other players. Thanks to the simple gameplay, this game allows you to draw lines freely. You can draw any shape or line you want. Besides that, you can relieve stress by competing with other players if you love competition. You can destroy your enemies by crashing into their unclosed paths. On the contrary, your enemies can also do the same so be careful.

You can choose your favourite name and colour before starting the game. See and read the guidance carefully to grasp all information about this running game.

Features of iScribble.io

  • The fun and entertaining running arcade game
  • Choose your favourite name and colour
  • Multiplayer

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How to control

  • Slide your mouse to move


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